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Trophy Buck Mix

Score big everytime with this late season mix. This product is
blended to plant anytime from August 1st -September 15th in
most of the northeast. Fertilize with 300 lbs./acre of Triple 19.
Your results will be quick growing succulent plants that deer
love, with some overwintering plants that will be available for
late winter or very early spring grazing. This is an excellent choice
for those kill plots that you will want to hunt over. This mix should
be planted in full sun.
MIX SEED CONTENTS AT: 75 lbs./acre
27% Winter Wheat
20% Winter Peas
20% Soybeans
16% Oats
6% Koga Annual Ryegrass
6% Crimson Clover
2% Dwarf Essex Rape
2% Hybrid Forage Brassica
1% Turnip