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Prizelawn BigFoot HVO Spreader



The Bigfoot BF l HVO (high volume output) features a hinged plate for conversion from fertilizer spreading to high volume application. It is designed for the application of PennMulch topdress sand, icemelt, limestone, or other high-rate products while retaining all the adjustments and features of the BF I SS. Stainless Steel frame only.

PennMulch is a registered trademark of Lebanon Chemical Corp. Lifetime warranty gears.

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         Open Port                                       Closed Port

  • Applies Pennmulch, Seed Aide, Sand, Limestone, Ice Melt, Seed and Fertilizer
  • Stainless steel
  • 3 port hopper, hopper screen, trim control
  • Withstands 1000 hour salt spray test
  • Includes cover, a $24.95 retail value

Product Specifications

Sku: Prizelawn-BigFoot-HVO
Release Date: 10/08/09

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