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Highland Colonial Bentgrass




Highland Colonial Bentgrass

Highland is the standard when it comes to colonial bentgrasses. It performs well in home lawns, and is used widely on golf courses, for  fairways and roughs. In many areas across the U.S., Highland Bent has survived under low maintenance conditions with minimal nitrogen and  has exhibited excellent turf quality and survivability

Highland is a very fine-textured colonial bentgrass which grows in an upright vertical manner. Highland is a medium, dark green color which is retained well into autumn. It has excellent dollar spot disease resistance and improved brown patch resistance.


Highland is often used  on golf course fairways and is pleasing to courde superintendents and duffers alike as well as home owners for exceptional lawns. Its upright growth pattern provides  excellent turf at the 3/8 to 1/2 inch height of cut demanded by most golfers, with less thatch buildup than other bent varieties. It can also be used in roughs, where the low maintenance qualities of colonial bentgrass are evident. Colonial bentgrasses can survive abuse and in many areas of the country are found in places that have received no fertilization, sprinkling, or management for long periods. Well manicured homeowner lawns can use Highland at cutting heights of 1/2 to 2 inches with out  problem.


 Highland Colonial bentgrass has seen widespread growth with great success which suggest a wider area of adaptation rather than just the Pacific Northwest and Eastern United States. Improved colonial bentgrasses  as Highland has also performed well in areas from the southeast to the midwest and the mid-Atlantic. Because of their high  quality, they are also being used in some mixes for overseeding dormant warm season grasses.


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