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PENN A-4 Bentgrass



PENN A-4 Creeping Bentgrass

A dark green with fine leaf texture, exceptional heat and cold tolerance, high density, disease resistance and aggressive growth habit. It provides a smooth grainless putting surface. Penn A-4 will also provide a good playing surface for tees and fairways. It is proven to be adaptable to various conditions.

Dr. Joe Duich developed these new Penn bents from plant selections that exhibit dense, upright growth, fine leaf texture and the ability to tolerate low cutting heights as well as high heat and humidity. Today, the A's and G's are recognized as some of the finest bentgrasses ever produced for putting greens. The A's and G's provide a consistent, virtually grainless putting surface that adapts easily to raising and lowering of cutting heights, allowing superintendents to manage green speeds without worries. Dense-tillered and upright-growing, the A's and G's need less fertilizer, less water and less fungicide applications. Thanks to their deep roots, they more effectively tolerate low mowing, heat, humidity, cold, disease and wear.

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  • Dense, upright growth that tolerates close mowing
  • Fine texture
  • Dollar spot resistance
  • Rated high against poa annua invasion

Seeding Rate: 1-2 lbs per 1,000 sq ft.

7-14 Days to Germinate

Approx. number of seeds per lb.: 6,000,000

One of a new generation of bentgrasses developed by Penn State

Product Specifications

Sku: A-4
Release Date: 10/08/09

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