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Kentucky Bluegrass

Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass



Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass

The Holy Grail in Kentucky Bluegrass breeding has always been to get top performing variety that yielded enough seed to make it economical for the turfgrass user. We have never been closer to this goal than with the introduction of Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass

Brooklawn under different maintenance regimes in the National Turfgrass Trials, tied many category one bluegrasses in overall turf performan
ce including color, texture, and disease resistance.

Brooklawn establishes quickly and has aggressive Rhizome development which makes it an excellent choice in blends for sod farms. It doesn't get powdery mildew or crown rust which makes it an excellent choice to blend with the "Midnight" types. Brooklawn has excellent winter density and was ranked 6th among all entries in sod stretching strength tests.

A good value for low-maintenance athletic fields


  • Very good drought tolerance
  • Good performer in shade trials
  • Good seeding vigor
  • Excellent spring and summer density
  • Excellent sod strength

 Seeding Rate: 3 lbs. / 1,000 sq ft for new lawns


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Release Date: 10/07/09

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