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Triple Threat Alfalfa


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Triple Threat Alfalfa Blend

32.5%   4030 Alfalfa

32.5%  PS 105 BR Extra Alfalfa

35%     Northeast Premium Alfalfa 

Seeding Rate:

Alone 18-24 lbs. / acre

In mix 8-16 lbs. / acre




Premium performance alfalfa blend for variable soils that won’t break the bank. This blend combines high yielding 4030 alfalfa with branch rooted PS 105 EXTRA BR Alfalfa that offers unbeatable wet soil performance. Both of these alfalfas have a 30/30 DRI and resistance to Aphanomyces Race 2. Northeast Premium blend alfalfa adds some economy and maintains quality with a 28/30 DRI and completive performance.

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Sku: TripleThreatAlfalfa
Release Date: 01/21/15

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