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Rivendel White Clover, Certified Organic


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White Clover



Grazing type

Perfect for permanent pastures

Highly disease resistant


 Seeding Rate:

Alone 10-14 lbs. / acre

In mix 2-5 lbs. / acre

Variety Type

Trials show that small leaved white clover is most persistent in permanent pastures under a grazing management. RIVENDEL is a small-leaved very persistent variety. It has short rhizomes and short leaf growth, which makes it suitable for both cattle and sheep farming as it tolerates close grazing and maintains a high proportion of clover in the sward.



In several trails though out Europe, RIVENDEL has shown its excellent resistance against strong and cold winter conditions.



RIVENDEL has a good distribution of DM yields through out the season and years with high rel. yields compared to the standard variety in 3rd. and following years.


Disease Resistance

RIVENDEL has a good resistance to nematodes and clover rot (Sclerotinia), which also improves the persistence.

Sclerotinia average all cuts

MILKA VRS mid-leaved 2,5

VRS 2 middle/big-leaved 1,8

Control variety small-leaved 2,8

RIVENDEL small-leaved 1,5


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Release Date: 01/27/11

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