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Harvestar Orchardgrass


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Harvestar Orchardgrass

Seeding Rate:

alone 18-25 lbs / acre

in mix 4-8 lbs. / acre


Increased Yields

  • Improved Cold Tolerance
  • Aggressive Crown Habit

The Harvestar Orchardgrass story.

Harvestar is an improved, late maturing variety selected for increased yields and improved cold tolerance. Its broader spreading and aggressive crown habit gives Harvestar the ability to tolerate close grazing. Harvestar performs well in a mono-stand or in mixtures with other grasses and/or legumes. Its maturity range is very suitable with alfalfa. It is ideal for hay production, grazing, silage and green chop. Harvestar has been trialed extensively and has proven reliable in yield, digestibility and persistence in all areas of orchard- grass production.

Product Specifications

Release Date: 01/27/11

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