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Jumbo Ladino Clover (Coated)


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Jumbo  Ladino Clover (Coated)

·  High Yielding and Persistent

·  True Large Leaf 

·  Provides Season Long Pasture

 Seeding Rate:

Alone 10-14 lbs. / acre

In mix 2-5 lbs. / acre

The Jumbo Ladino Clover Story

      Jumbo Ladino White Clover is more vigorous and faster growing than other white clovers. Known for its large leaves and high yields, Jumbo Ladino White Clover is also very palatable and can significantly improve grazing stands for livestock and wildlife. It can be seeded conventionally when establishing a new pasture, or frostseeed into a existing pasture. Ladino type white clovers spread by stolons and fill in gaps in forage stands for more productive grazing. Clovers handle summer heat and dry weather better than most cool season grasses, their addition to a pasture will help maintain better productivity through the summer grazing slump. Animal Bloat can be a concern with white clover and they should not make up more than 30% of a forage mix. Jumbo Clover has good agronomics and is widely adapted to the Northeast.



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Release Date: 01/26/11

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