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Dwarf Black Oil Sunflower




                Dwarf Black Oil Sunflowers are very popular as a food plot for doves, quail, ducks and other larger migrating fowl. They contain high quality oil content needed for the healthy growth of all wildlife species. Plants are also preferred by deer while the plant is young and still growing. Can be mixed with a number of other varieties of seed to create a specific wildlife food plot.



 Planting Guide

  • Seeding Rate (Alone/Acre): 40 lbs

  • Seeding Rate (In Mix/Acre):  

  • Seeding Depth(Inches):  ½

  • Life Cycle:           Annual

Seeding Dates:  Northern:  April – June


                                       Southern:    Spring


Consult your local cooperative extension agent for specific planting recommendations for your area.    Find your cooperative extension agent.


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Release Date: 08/17/10

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