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Dwarf Corn Extra Early



                 Dwarf Corn is attractive to waterfowl and other wildlife. It should be planted near watering sources but not in the water. The corn grows about 3 feet tall and has ears a bout 18 inches off the ground making them easy to reach by ducks, quail, and other small game animals.

Planting Guide  




  • Seeding Rate (Alone/Acre):  15 lbs.

  • Seeding Rate (In Mix/Acre):   

  • Seeding Depth(Inches):   ½ - 1   

  • Life Cycle:              Annual

  • Seeding Dates :  Northern:   March – July

                                              Southern:    April – June


Consult your local cooperative extension agent for specific planting recommendations for your area.    Find your cooperative extension agent.



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Release Date: 08/17/10

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