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Austrian Winter Peas


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Austrian winter peas are closely related to garden peas. They can grow to lengths of 5 feet or more if planted in fertile soils.  Winter peas create reddish purple blooms which resemble sweet peas. When compared to other winter legumes, The Austrian winter pea is a superior soil improvement / soil building crop. It tends to produce greater tonnage matter per acre and will even continue to grow through colder months.  This extra growth yields a large amount of organic matter that can be turned under in the spring.

Uses: Austrian winter peas will make a great food plot or addition to a mixture planted in the fall to attract deer. They also make an excellent garden area soil builder. Highly favored by whitetail deer, these fast growing peas will attract deer to a plot soon after germination making them a favorite of bow hunters.

Planting Guide


  • Seeding Rate (Alone/Acre):  30 - 40 lbs.

  • Seeding Rate (In Mix/Acre):

  • Seeding Depth(Inches):   1 ½ - 2

  • Life Cycle:              Annual

  • Seeding Dates:   Northern:    August - September                                    




Consult your local cooperative extension agent for specific planting recommendations for your area.    Find your cooperative extension agent.


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