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Cattlemans Choice F/T Sorghum and Sudan


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Sorghum-sudan hybrids or Sudax resemble sudangrass but are taller, have larger stems and leaves, and give higher yields. Hybrids tend to be coarser than sudangrass and vary in seed color and size, yield, and growth characteristics, depending of their parents. Like  sudangrass, sorghum-sudangrass hybrids will regrow after each harvest unless environmental conditions are restrictive.


Planting Guide


  • Seeding Rate (Alone/Acre):  50 – 65 lbs.

  • Seeding Rate (In Mix/Acre): 45 lbs. / acre

  • Seeding Depth(Inches):    1

  • Life Cycle: Annual

  • Seeding Dates  Northern:   April – August  



Consult your local cooperative extension agent for specific planting recommendations for your area.    Find your cooperative extension agent.


Product Specifications

Sku: FE PS2 Sorghum X Sudan
Release Date: 08/16/10

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