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Spray Pattern Indicator

Blazon Spray Pattern Indicator


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Identifies exactly where your spray is being applied to the turf

         Eliminates overlap, which studies have shown to be as much as 25-50% when no color is used (Think of the cost savings)


         Eliminates misses, particularly important when a weed or pest is allowed to remain


         Identifies sprayer malfunctions, clogged nozzles and incorrect height are constantly monitored


A highly visible blue or green that can be used at low amounts

         Color chemistry studies have indicated that a transparent blue over green is more cost effectively different than any other color


         Blue gives a darker green appearance that quickly fades to the turf’s natural color, providing minimal distraction to the golfer



Non-staining so that it washes off skin, clothing and equipment

         Blazon is the same chemistry that is used in washable markers


         Polymeric colorants by their very nature do not bind with fabrics, which is exactly what dyes were designed to do!



Blazon is temporary, so that it fades in sunlight or washes off with irrigation or rainfall

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Release Date: 01/05/10

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