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Primer Select®


Aquatrols™ Primer Select is an enhanced Matrix Flow soil surfactant based on the original Primer chemistry. The improved formulation allows superintendents to select the application rate and frequency to match soil type and spray program preferences. Primer Select can be safely applied and is guaranteed to solve problems and increase efficiency on all turf species, a broad range of soil types, and in all climates throughout the entire growing season. Primer Select offers turf managers a superior soil surfactant that lowers costs by promoting uniform rootzone conditions and overcoming problems associated with water repellency.


·    More convenient to use with rate and frequency flexibility to match soil types and spray program preferences 

·    Optimizes uniform soil moisture - guarantees soil is not too wet or too dry

·    Better turf survival during drought conditions and summer stress periods

·    Enhances salt management programs

   ·   Enhances effectiveness of soil-targeted fertilizers and chemicals






Sand band root zone - 7-9oz./1000 sq. ft. every 6 weeks

Push up greens - 3-6oz./1000 sq. ft. every 6 weeks

(see label for further application guidelines)



2.5 lbs./1,000 sq. ft. every 4 weeks

(see label for further application guidelines)

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Release Date: 12/29/09

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