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Revolution is a patent-pending technology that extends turf’s natural antioxidant activity and significantly increases stress tolerance by balancing air-to-water ratios in the soil. By providing better moisture access and gas exchange in the rootzone, Revolution improves overall turf health and makes it much more resilient under all types of stresses. Keeping water moving consistently into and through the plant increases photosynthesis, leading to increased production of non-structural carbohydrates. It also boosts the efficiency of other cellular processes, keeps the leaf turgor stable for more consistent play, and maintains evapotranspiration rates to keep the turf canopy cooler. Revolution lets you gain control of the rootzone conditions so that your turf can perform to its greatest potential. Revolution is exceptionally safe on fine turf species and is backed by Aquatrols’ exclusive money-back performance guarantee.


·     Uniquely engineered molecular structure optimizes water distribution throughout the rootzone

·     Maintains soil water content at all levels consistent with USGA Green Section capillary porosity recommendations

·     Increases turf resilience and stress tolerance

·     Increases production of non-structural carbohydrates

·     Extends natural antioxidant activity

·     Stabilizes proline production for more turgid leaf blades and better playability

·     Increases chlorophyll production for consistent color

·     Patent-pending technology





LIQUID: 6oz./1000 sq. ft. in 2 gallons of water, apply monthly


GRANULAR: 3.75 lbs./1000 sq. ft., apply monthly

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Release Date: 12/29/09

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