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NeutraLime™ Dry promotes germination and enhances plant establishment. A super high concentrate of the purest form of limestone, the formula in NeutraLime™ extends effectiveness from 12 to 18 weeks. Increasing the pH to 6.0+ dramatically improves the nutrient uptake efficiency of the plant. Independent lab analysis showed NeutraLime™ raised the pH by 1.0 point within 10 days of soil treatment. Nothing balances soil pH faster, within 6-10 days after application, with the added plus of longer control. One 40 lb. bag contains 50% more CaCO3 than the highest concentrated 2.5 gallon jug of Liquid Lime.




Soil Test pH Range <6.0, >5.6, 40 lbs./acre

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Release Date: 12/28/09

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