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Forage EXTRA™


     We have developed the distinctive ‘Forage EXTRA’ logo to identify top performing forage varieties for the Northeast dairy and livestock farmer.


     Our goal continues to be supplying our customers with the best available forage varieties of all legume and grass species, both perennial and annual, that have the potential to produce top yields of high quality feed. The designation Forage EXTRA placed on our selected varieties and mixes means they meet our demanding quality standards. Just by choosing any of these proprietary products you will be sure you have the opportunity to produce premier quality forage.


     To accomplish our goal we begin by making a significant investment in research. As an independent seed company, we can search the world suppliers for the best genetics and most advanced technology. Through independent testing we select improved varieties that perform at the top of the charts in feed value, palatability, digestibility and yield. We have established relationships with leading seed producers to ensure quality seed with high purity and excellent germination. After our superior standards have been met, we retest the seed to make sure it exceeds those standards. Individual varieties are then packaged in proprietary branded bags and shipped direct to our warehouse in Buffalo, NY. Forage mixes are accurately blended in our production facility to be sure we meet the specific requirements of our discriminating customers. These mixes are then packaged with the Forage EXTRA logo- proof that they have endured the rigorous test to be the best forage products available. Whether in the pasture, field, silo, bunk or bale, the performance of these selected varieties will be unsurpassed.


     We understand you have a choice of seed suppliers so our mission is not completed with our product selection. Since our focus is on you, your needs, and providing products and services when you need them so you can meet the needs of your customers, immediate mixing and shipping services are the foundation our mutual success.  At Preferred Seed Company we know customer service is an attitude, not just a department.



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