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Crested Wheatgrass


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Crested Wheatgrass is a perennial grass commonly seeded in the western United States. It is a long-lived, cool season, drought tolerant, introduced grass with an extensive root system. Wheatgrass is very useful when used for soil stabilization and reclamation.  They compete well with other aggressive introduced grasses, but because of this trait, they are not compatible in mixes with native species. Their drought tolerance, fibrous root systems, and good seedling vigor make these species ideal for reclamation in areas with 8 to 20 inches annual precipitation. In areas above 14 inches of precipitation, the cristatum types may exhibit their rhizomatous traits and make excellent low maintenance lawns. These grasses can be used in urban areas where irrigation water is limited to provide ground cover and to stabilize ditchbanks, dikes, pipelines, powerlines and roadsides.




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