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Meadow Foxtail


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                Meadow Foxtail is a long-lived perennial with short, weak rhizomes. The growth habit begins as a bunch type, but a dense sod eventually forms. The flowering stems are erect and usually 3 feet high. The numerous dark green leaves are flat, but somewhat narrow. This species develops at least three weeks earlier than timothy. Meadow foxtail does best where the climate is moist and cool; however, it is not sensitive to heat and cold, surviving in areas with summer temperatures at or above 100, or in areas with winter temperatures consistently below zero. It is best adapted as a pasture grass, producing nutritious and very palatable forage over a long grazing season as well as being able to withstand heavy trampling. It can also be cut for hay and after the first cutting; re-growth is very rapid often producing two to three cuttings per year.

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