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Palaton Reed Canarygrass


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Palaton Reed Canarygrass

   Reed Canarygrass is a tall, cool season, leafy, high yielding, long-lived perennial. It is winter hardy and has more resistance to foliar diseases than other cool season grasses grown in the northeast. It spreads underground by short scaly rhizomes that form a heavy sod in well managed solid seedings. If not grazed or mowed, plants will reach heights exceeding 6 feet under high fertility conditions.

    Reed Canarygrass is adapted over a wide range of climates and soil conditions. It is an ideal grass for poorly drained soils because of its tolerance to flooding. However, it is also one of the most drought tolerant, cool season grasses.


   Forage wise, this grass can be used for pasture, silage or hay, alone or in mixture with a legume depending on soil conditions. Because of its tolerance to waterlogged conditions, it is an outstanding grass for waterways and other conservation plantings. Likewise, it is unsurpassed among cool season gasses for land utilization of Nitrogen and other nutrients that occur in municipal and industrial waste effluents. Thus, it has become the most popular species to be used as a pollution control measure in irrigation of sewage effluents from municipal and industrial sources.


   Historically, common Reed Canarygrass was considered unsuited for pasture because of low palatability and poor animal performance. Researchers determined this was due to the presence of the alkaloids triptomine and carboline. Chiefton and Palaton do not contain these alkaloids and will not cause digestive upsets in cattle and sheep.


Seeding Rate:

Alone 18 lbs. / acre

In mix 3-13 lbs. / acre

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