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Alsike Clover


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Alsike Clover

(Trifolium hybridum L.)


   Alsike clover is a fine-stemmed, short-lived perennial legume utilized for pasture and hay production primarily in mixtures with red clover and timothy or other cool season grasses on soils that vary in drainage and acidity. It is more tolerant of wetter and acid soils than other clovers, and is better suited to low fertility soils than red clover. It is frequently included in wildlife mixes.


   Alsike is seldom grown alone. It is relatively short-lived and is less productive than red clover, and because of its fine stems it is susceptible to lodging when grown alone and harvested for hay or silage. Thus it is usually grown in mixtures with red clover and timothy or other cool season grasses.


   Unlike most other legumes breeding attempts to improve alsike clover have been limited. To date there have been no improved varieties developed in the U.S., and seed marketed is labeled only as alsike.


   Alsike clover is resistant to both northern and southern Anthracnose but is susceptible to most other diseases and insects that attack red clover.


   Untreated seed of alsike clover is available for Northeast Organic Producers.

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