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Medium Red Clover



Medium Red Clover

(Trifolium Pratense L)


   Red Clover is grown throughout the Northeastern states and eastern Canada for forage (hay, silage, pasture), as well as in rotation for soil improvement.  It was first introduced into America about 1650, and was the most widely grown forage legume in the northeast prior to the 1900’s.

   Red clover is normally thought of as a short-lived perennial, not more than 2 harvest seasons in most of the northeast.  However, newer varieties with better disease resistance along with proper management may persist for a third year.  It is usually grown with timothy and produces 2 to 3 cuttings of hay or silage per year with most aggressive growth in the spring.  Red clover will tolerate slightly acid soils, but grows best when the soil pH is above 6.0.  An adequate fertility program based on soil test is essential for maximum forage production. 

   Most red clovers grown in the northeast are of the early flowering types, known collectively as medium red clovers.  Mammoth red clover, the late flowering type, generally produces one cutting per year plus an aftermath, and is seldom grown for forage.

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