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VNS Ladino Clover


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Ladino Clover

A giant form of white clover which is a high quality, high-protein, high yielding legume that produces palatable forage for livestock and wildlife. It is a long lived perennial which spreads by creeping above ground by use of stolons. Ladino is a good producer of high quality feed and is used widely as a soil building crop. Its creeping growth habit makes it great for soil renovation and gives it great grazing tolerance as well as helps fill bare spots in a field or pasture which would otherwise be occupied by weeds. Ladino Clover is a very aggressive establisher and can be frost or dormant seeded in to already established forage stands.



Planting Guide


  • Seeding Rate (Alone/Acre):  10 lbs.

  • Seeding Rate (In Mix/Acre):   6 – 8 lbs.

  • Seeding Depth(Inches):      ¼  - ½

  • Life Cycle:     Perennial

Seeding Dates:  Northern:  Spring or August




Consult your local cooperative extension agent for specific planting recommendations for your area.    Find your cooperative extension agent.


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