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Sideways Perennial Ryegrass



Sideways Perennial Ryegrass

Sideways Perennial Ryegrass develops aggressive, strong spreading stolons at an early stage, which contributes improved wear tolerance and recovery, along with increased density when used for permanent turf. Sideways is a dwarf variety with dense, fine-textured leaves and excellent color for increased turf quality and appearance, and it can be managed under a wide range of maintenance levels, from residential turf to high end sports fields and golf courses.

Sideways is the perfect choice for all perennial ryegrass uses, and it delivers excellent traffic tolerance making it superior for use on sports fields, parks and schools. The increased drought and stress tolerance gives Sideways a very high summer performance and persistence in permanent turf zones.

Sideways blends well with other perennial ryegrass for golf course fairways, sports fields, sod production and home lawns in the permanent cool season turf zones. It also mixes well with Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescues. The cool weather active growth of Sideways makes this a superior variety to compete with Poa annua during cool weather, under both permanent turf or winter overseeding situations.

Seeding Rate : 6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

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Release Date: 12/15/16

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