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Kentucky Bluegrass

Bewitched Kentucky Bluegrass



Bewitched - Kentucky Bluegrass

Seeding Rate: 3 lbs. / 1,000 sq ft for new lawns

Bewitched (A99-2041) is a compact type with a low compact growth habit which makes it an excellent candidate for golf course fairways and sod farms due to it's reduced vertical growth rates and 1/2 inch height of cut. Bewitched is excellent for blending with America types and Midnight types because it possesses disease resistance which the other types do not.

Bewitched exhibits exceptional wear tolerance making it a must for farmers, golf courses, and sports fields.

  • Near perfect resistance to dollar spot, leaf spot and stem rust
  • Tops in NTEP shade trial
  • Excellent dark green color
  • Compact growth habit excellent for use in low mowing environments

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Mean Wear Tolerance Quality
Ratings of Kentucky Bluegrass Cultivars Completed at Rutgers University
Maintained using "Schedule A"
Turfgrass Quality Ratings: 1-9; 9 = Ideal Turf
Name Mean
Bewitched 6.3
Prosperity 4.3
Nuglade 4.0
Midnight II 3.7
P-105 3.7
Blue Chip 1.7

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Sku: Bewitched-Kentucky-Bluegrass
Release Date: 10/07/09

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