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Perennial Ryegrass

Pangea GLR Perennial Ryegrass




Pangea GLR Perennial Ryegrass

 Pangea GLR Perennial Ryegrass represents the culmination of breeding efforts for perennial ryegrasses going back more than 40 years. Advanced gray leaf spot resistance, dark color and compact growth make it the darling of the latest NATIONAL TURF GRASS EVALUATION PROGRAM, where it ranks statistically as the Number One variety for overall performance. 

Pangea GLR can be used anywhere perennial ryegrass is adapted and mixes with Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescues, and other perennials where a dark green lawn is the desired result. Pangea GLR also had the highest shear value, the darkest color and the overall best quality of all entries in recent university overseeding trials.


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Seeding Rate: 6-8 lbs/ 1000 sq. ft.

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