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Customer Submitted Photos


This 10 pointer's picture was taken on a customers trail camera as he was foraging in our  Wildlife Forage Feast Mixture.

A customer sent us this picture of Austrian Winter Peas taken in Spring of 2010 at 39 inches in height. The peas were purchased and planted in the Fall of 2009.


Heres another trail camera picture sent to us from a customer who planted our Wildlife Big Buck Clover Mix. As you can see the deer are activly grazing on the various clovers in the mixture.


This Buck's picture was taken later in the season on a customers trail camera and shows a nice healthy buck moving into a Wildlife Mixture food plot  for some late night foraging.


A customer sent in this picture of a putting green in his backyard which was installed using  T-1 Bentgrass.

A customer sent us this picture of her horse Hank laying in a pasture established using  Kentucky Horse Pasture Mixture

A customer sent this photo taken by his trail camera of a beautiful buck standing in the cover on the edge of a plot of Big Buck Clover Mix.


A customer sent in this photo along with this description:

I have a ¼ acre clearing in a wooded area.  My wife has two horses and we spread out the muck in this area.  Last April I planted (by hand throwing) forage turnips, rape, and forage oats, but during the following four  months I throw out a  handful of turnip seeds every few weeks.  Photo is last July when oats had gone to seed, and the area with oats was quickly taken over with turnips.  When the oats went to seed there was an explosion of birds on the ground

By October, the horse-stall muck is completely broken down.  Year round, the spot is loaded with deer and rabbits.  A red fox family made the area a routine part of their daily hunting, the soft muck made the mice and voles easy to get though the fox kits seemed more interested in chasing each other.  All winter, the deer and rabbits were going after the old turnips by digging through the new muck that I was spreading down.  

By using a wooded (and partial shade area), the deer and rabbits had adjacent sanctuary and came out any time during the day.  We made a beneficial reuse of the horse-stall muck and now have a year-long wildlife show – even at noontime.


      The monster buck in the video above is seen actively grazing on our Big Buck Clover Mix . The video was captured on a customers trail camera who decided to set it up on the Clover plot to see what was foraging on his clover plot and it is safe to say he was very pleased with the results.

The above video clip shows a pair of deer actively foraging on our Wildlife Forage Feast Mixture. This plot was planted in Onoville New York in the beginning of August 17  and the video was taken in the first week of October 17.  Great looking plot for the start of NY archery season. 

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These two photos were taken from trail cameras set up on a food plot that was seeded in Naples  NY.   The plot pictured in both photos is our  Buck Chew Mixture, and as you can see the buck seem to love it. 

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The above pair of photos is an before and after of a food plot installation in Naples NY.  The first photo shows a plot that was tilled and seeded on labor day weekend of 2017.   The plot was seeded with our Buck Chew Mixture.  The second photo, taken via trail camera on 9-22-17, shows 20 days of growth on the plot and also how quickly it can attract and become a forage source for wildlife.   

If you have any photos of Preferred Seed products that you have used, feel free to send them to Make sure to include a brief description of the photo and we will be sure to post it here on our photo page.

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