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Major Plus Swede



Major Plus Swede 


 is a full maturity swede variety, (from 160 days) and is characterized by its yellow fleshed
broad elliptical shaped bulb with red skin color. It is a new generation swede
with high yield potential. 84% of its yield is in the bulb.
Notable Characteristics:
 Bred under grazing selection
 High yield
 High proportion of bulb
 Yellow fleshed bulb

• Extended Grazing Season -    can be used to extend the grazing season as
the cool season pasture season ends. Both the bulbs and leaves are highly digestible.
Suitable for cattle and sheep. Swedes generally produce 11,000 pounds of forage.
• Break Crop -    can also be used as a break crop in order to convert older
pastures to different species and newer varieties. An annual crop gives a bigger window
to eliminate the old undesirable forage through the use of herbicides, tillage and the
competition of the brassica crop itself.
Seeding & Establishment:
• Plant in the spring after soil warms to 50F.
Sow    at 0.8 to 1.5lbs. per acre. Plant at ¼” to 1/2” deep. Seed can be no-tilled into
suppressed sod or seeded into a conventionally prepared seedbed. If tillage is conducted let the
first flush of weeds germinate then till the field one more time to control weeds. After final tillage
pass, firm soil with a cultipacker then either drill or broadcast seed. Following seeding, cultipack
field once more to improve seed to soil contact.
Follow soil test recommendations.
Nitrogen: If not using manure, apply 75 lb/A nitrogen at seeding followed by an additional 70
lbs/A after 60 to 80 days.
Avoid fields high in sulfur.

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