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Essential Turf Type Tall Fescue



New milestone in tall fescue breeding
Superb visual merit summer as well as winter
Excellent tolerance to major turfgrass diseases
Fit for all uses where tall fescue is desired



It's a strike!

ESSENTIAL knocks down every doubt or worry you might have had – it is simply top scoring for every feature  trials. Much progress has been made in the breeding of tall fescue within the last 20 years, so a big step forward like this is just amazing!

Fully equipped variety!

The quality level of ESSENTIAL sets a new milestone with finer leaf texture, increased shoot density yet not compromising the wear tolerance.

Disease tolerance to secure performance

* Rust
* Fusarium blight and Fusarium patch
* Drecslera leaf spot

Merited visual merit!

There are no limits to the use of this variety for mixtures for sports, amenity or extensive purposes – in the private sphere, public areas or for turf professionals!

Product Specifications

Sku: EssentialTallFescue
Release Date: 01/23/14

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