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Rivendel White Clover, Certified Organic




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Rivendel White Clover

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Rivendel/Trifolium repens L.

White Clover
RIVENDEL is a Small-Leaved Grazing Type

Leaf size Tolerance to close grazing Yield Winter hardiness

Grazing type
Perfect for permanent pastures
Highly disease resistant

Variety Type

Trials show that small leaved white clover is most persistent in permanent pastures under a grazing management. RIVENDEL is a small-leaved very persistent variety. It has short rhizomes and short leaf growth, which makes it suitable for both cattle and sheep farming as it tolerates close grazing and maintains a high proportion of clover in the sward.



In several trails though out Europe, RIVENDEL has shown its excellent resistance against strong and cold winter conditions.



RIVENDEL has a good distribution of DM yields through out the season and years with high rel. yields compared to the standard variety in 3rd. and following years.


Disease Resistance

RIVENDEL has a good resistance to nematodes and clover rot (Sclerotinia), which also improves the persistence.

Sclerotinia average all cuts

MILKA VRS mid-leaved 2,5

VRS 2 middle/big-leaved 1,8

Control variety small-leaved 2,8

RIVENDEL small-leaved 1,5


Results from off. trials in Denmark showing the drymatter yield

100=98 dt/ha in 1st year, 100 in 2nd year and 101 in 3rd year

Product Specifications

Release Date: 01/27/11

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