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Dwarf Essex Rape




Dwarf Essex Rape

An older variety bred originally for seed or oil production.


Rape is a short-season annual leafy brassica whose stems and leaves are ready to harvest (rotationally graze, strip graze or green chop) about 120 days after establishment.  It’s a good supplemental or emergency pasture for sheep or hogs, but caution should be used in feeding rape to milking cows as rape has a tendency to flavor milk.


Forage rape produces a taproot that, unlike turnips, cannot be harvested by grazing animals.  However it can be grazed and allow to regrow and graze again.  Rape can be planted during May or June for maximum  yield.  It can be planted as late as August 1st , but forage yields will be reduced.  Under favorable conditions rape can produce forage yields of 10 to 15 tons per acre. (3000 to 5000 lbs. dry matter per acre.).


Forage rape is best utilized in a strip grazing program.  Both cattle and sheep should be introduced gradually to this crop, and between grazings have access to other pasture or hay.      



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