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Ivory 2 White Clover



Ivory 2 White Clover (SOLD OUT)

IVORY II is a geuminous perennial white clover specifically bred for improved winter forage activity and greater persistence under hard rotational grazing. Ivory II is a medium leaf, semi-erict, medium-late flowering white clover. Leaves are non-hairy and frequently marked with a white "V." Ivory II spreads by medium to thick (2.47 mm) stolons and foms shallow roots at nodes. It is distinguishable from other white clover varieties by its year 'round good growth under hard rotational grazing.

  • High yields
  • High tillering
  • Grazing tolerant
  • Excellent re-growth

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Sku: Ivory-2-White-Clover
Release Date: 10/08/09

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